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Taxes in Cherokee County

Cherokee County has two main organizations when it comes to taxes: A Tax Commissioner and a Tax Assessor. Both organizations are unique and it is important to understand agency roles so you can connect with the right person.

Tax Commissioner

Who's in charge?

The Tax Commissioner is an elected position, serving a 4-year term. As of now, Denise B. Mastroserio is the current Tax Commissioner elected in 2022.

What does this office do?

The Tax Commissioner is responsible for collecting property taxes, preparation of the County Digest, billing, accounting and disbursements.

The Tax Commissioner enforces all regulations mandated by the state.


Visit the Tax Commissioner's website

Tax Assessor

Who's in charge?

The Chief Appraiser is an appointed position, serving at the leisure of the Board of Assessors which in turn are 6-year appointed positions by the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners. Steve Swindell is the current Chief Appraiser.

What does this office do?

The county appraisal staff, as required by law, is responsible for the appraisal for tax purposes of all taxable property, real and personal, that the county board of assessors is required to assess.


Visit the Tax Assessor's website

Where do my taxes go?

For every dollar you pay in taxes:

0.68 cents
Cherokee County School District
0.18 cents
Cherokee County General Fund
0.12 cents
Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services
0.02 cents
Cherokee County Parks

For more information on County Taxes, please see our Finance Department's website

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