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Treatment Accountability Court

Cherokee County Treatment Accountability Court

The Cherokee County Treatment Accountability Court is an accountability court program that seeks to benefit the community by providing intensive treatment services to persons who are facing criminal charges due, in part, to untreated or undertreated mental illness.  The goal for each participant in the program is for them to learn the skills necessary for them to be responsible for their own mental health needs in order to avoid future encounters with law enforcement.

The program serves defendants facing both misdemeanor and felony charges and lasts a minimum of 18 months.

The Treatment Accountability Court team is made up of members of the legal community including rerpresentatives from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, the District Attorney's Office, the Solicitor General's Office, Georgia Probation Management, Georgia Department of Community Supervision, Ascension Counseling, and the Blue Ridge Bar Association.

Ethan Childers is the program coordinator and the Honorable Shannon Wallace serves as Presiding Judge.

For a summary on some of the requirements of this program please go to https://www.cherokeega.com/Cherokee-County-Treatment-Accountability-Court/_resources/documents/Introduction%20to%20the%20Court%20-%2020220526.pdf

For a copy of the Participant's Handbook, please go to https://www.cherokeega.com/Cherokee-County-Treatment-Accountability-Court/_resources/documents/Participant%20Handbook%205.0%2020200101.pdf

To refer someone to this program, please complete a referral form and send to Ethan Childers, the program coordinator.  The referral form may be found at https://www.cherokeega.com/Cherokee-County-Treatment-Accountability-Court/_resources/documents/Referral%20Information%20Sheet%20-%2020220526.pdf.


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